Andie’s work in field journals has transformed into two ongoing series of artist’s books. To see more about these unique (one-of-a-kind) books, please visit Field Studies and In Forests. To learn about upcoming exhibitions and books for sale, see Purchase page. LIST of BOOKS FIELD STUDIES Clarkia modesta (They All Disappear), 2008 Troglodytes troglodytes (May They Live & Thrive), 2010 Calochortus kennedyi (We Shine), 2010 Viola adunca (Grace Underfoot), 2010 Arnica gracilis (We Know Why), 2010 Populus tremuloides (Into Earth), 2010 Aster sibiricus (All the Time in the World), 2010 Claytonia perfoliata (Just Now Right Here), 2011 Wyethia mollis #1 (Open Faces), 2011 Wyethia mollis #2 (Last Traces), 2011 Populus balsmamifera ssp. trichocarpa (Bright, Crisp, Sublime), 2011 Populus fremontii var. wislizenii (Cottonwood), 2012 IN FORESTS Volume I: Time in the Trees, 2001-2002 Volume II: Meandering in Yosemite’s Big Trees, 2003 Volume III: To Begin, 2007 Volume IV: The Calligraphy of Twigs & Trees, 2007 Volume V: Like the Heartbeat of a Tree, 2007 Volume VI: All So Green, 2007 Volume VII: The Gloaming, 2007 Volume VIII: Time to Go, 2007 Volume IX: On and On, 2007 Volume X: This Forest These Trees, 2008 Volume XI: Everywhere and All Around, 2008 Volume XII: Shuyak Island Enchantment, 2008 Volume XIII: The Dazzle and Delight, 2008 Volume XIV: Great Northern, 2008 Volume XV: Happy to Walk In, 2008 Volume XVI: Great and Graceful, 2008 Volume XVII: The Ground Falls Away, 2009 Volume XVIII: Natural History (Catkins), 2010 Volume XIX: No Real Answer, 2010 Volume XX: Wild Aliveness, 2010 Volume XXI: Found, Again, 2010 Volume XXII: Beneath Oak and Pine, 2010 Volume XXIII: How Altered is Vision? 2010 Volume XXIV: A Vision Made Real, 2011 Volume XXV: Nightfall Moonrise, 2011 Volume XXVI: Know the Edges, 2012 Volume XXVII: Walking Near Them, 2012 Volume XXVIII: Fall Into, Dwell Amongst, 2012 Volume XXIX: Re-Enchanted, 2012 Volume XXX: Sinking Into It All, 2012 Volume XXXI: Realms Beyond, 2012 Volume XXXII: Not Knowing, 2012