Would you like to deepen your art practice? Are you uncertain what steps to take next to make your creative visions come to life? Do you wonder why you sometimes feel stalled out or overwhelmed when you sit down to work on your art? Every creative person experiences these types of stumbling blocks along the way. Happily, it is not rocket science to move past what can get in your way and get back on the path of making art.

Here’s what Andie has to say:

My life as a working artist has been profoundly impacted by insightful feedback from a handful of inspiring teachers. I feel moved to be a part of this circle of student/teacher/student, as we find our way as artists. My intention is to empower you to find the best techniques, tools, processes, and professional practices to take your own art vision from imagined to tangible. I enjoy teaching art workshops, but I especially love my work with individual students who want to go deeper in their creative process. 

In addition to her workshops, Andie works privately with a limited number of students each year for Individual Artist Mentoring & Creativity Coaching. This process is designed to meet each individual’s goals for professional development and/or deepening creative work. Please contact Andie for the details on this year’s session.