Andie teaches both adults and children in a wide range of art processes, including color theory, watercolor painting techniques, book arts, drawing, design fundamentals, effective field journal practices and private creativity mentoring. Many classes involve art making in the outdoors and all emphasize empowering individuals to reveal their own unique creative vision.

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Workshop Information:

  • All skill levels are invited
  • Workshops usually have 12 or fewer students
  • Adult age requirement is 12 and up, unless indicated otherwise
  • Details on tuition, registration and supply lists may be found at vendor websites listed on Andie’s 2017-2018 Schedule
  • Most workshops fill, so early sign up is recommended

Here are comments from a few of Andie’s students:

I want to thank you for reminding me that when we approach the natural world, we can look, and look again, and again… and there is no limit to how deeply we can go in our gaze, no limit to what is communicated. “To see the world in a grain of sand,” as William Blake would say. When I first realized we would be using that viola all day, I thought “All day? On one flower? Yikes!” However, by the end of the day, I was in such intimate communion with that viola, I wanted to take her home and have her for a friend!
E. S., Sunnyvale, California

Oh, Andie, we had a marvellous time! …It is rare when an event that you have been anticipating lives up to your expectations but this weekend exceeded our expectations in every way. 
K. D., Escalon, California

What a wonderful teacher you are—your gentleness allows for us students to be open and curious and energizednot the usual stress… Your presentations are very rich.
M. F., Oakland, California

I can’t tell you enough how very much I enjoyed my two days under your expert tutelage and with a group that seemed to me to be quite willing to absorb the spirit of the day. I came away very inspired to do more in this medium, and will try to paint additional subjects both in the studio andif I get braveoutdoors. I feel that I learned a lot of the basics that I had lacked up until now, and that gives me confidence to press on to do more. You can take pleasure in the fact that you are a very good teacher. Again, thanks.
W. S., Oakland, California

I want to tell you what an incredible influence you have been on me; helping me to be where I’ve always wanted to be: ways of both being in the forest and all of the natural world, and expressing it. I have grown enormously this year from being in your workshops. You have opened doors for me that I did not even know existed, that have made my world larger and more rewarding than I could have known.
K. T., Yachats, Oregon

I very much appreciated the way you extended respect to your students and also opened up a variety of ways of working, shifting emphasis  back and forth from close observation to the expressive/energetic, to the symbolic and decorative.
R. G., Berkeley, California

Thank you for being so supportive & enthusiastic about my little painting & card. It was fun. And it’s fun to find something that gives me pleasure instead of it feeling intimidating, which is SO much because of what a great teacher you are – making art feel accessible to complete novices. That’s a huge gift that you have, I hope you realize. Imagine yourself lighting this spark in every person you teach – a spark that can unleash creative energy in people who didn’t know they could express themselves with a brush. And that creative energy is so significant in terms of each person’s self-realization.
L. M., Eagle River, Alaska

I just wanted to tell you what your class touched off for me. I have been keeping the journal since then, and it has been a wonderful experience. It serves as just a place to record what I am seeing, a place to meditate, a place to work out artistic ideas that are not yet ready for prime time, and it keeps me connected to myself. The journal has also taken a lot of anxiety out of the process of making art…. But you also really managed to convince me that there was no right and wrong and this has made me feel somewhat fearless and much more secure artistically, secure enough to make art.
C. M., Berkeley, California

I learned so much about color and even worked on my color wheel a bit today. This morning I took my usual walk in the East Bay hills, but today I was captured by “all the greens” and other colors and tried to figure out how I might duplicate the color when painting. There was a wonderful compassionate, caring, non-threatening excitement to the whole tone of the weekend that allowed all of us to take risks and experiment and feel safe. You are an inspiration and I will look forward to another opportunity to take class with you.
T. P., Oakland, California